Fall 2013: Join our Housing Advocacy Team!

The Housing Advocacy Team core recently met for a retreat, in order to refocus on our mission, “… to join with others to create a constituency of concerned neighbors and friends who will act as a powerful voice to influence public policy and resource allocation for affordable housing and asset building in the District, with a particular focus on affordable homeownership.”

During the retreat, it was evident each member of the core team is committed to affordable housing advocacy. Their tenacity for advocacy comes from experience across the Continuum of Housing. As a team, strength comes from diversity and unity emerges around the mission. Here’s what the Manna Housing Advocacy Team will be doing this fall 2013 season:

1.) Meeting every second Monday of the month at Manna, Inc.: 6:30 p.m. @ 828 Evarts St. NE Washington, DC 20012

*Dinner & childcare is provided for all attendees

*RSVP’s should be sent to dspaite@mannadc.org

*To get on our mailing list please e-mail dspaite@mannadc.org

2.) Participating in the DC council public hearings and giving testimony on the following housing issues:

*Testifying on Inclusionary Zoning regulations on ownership units in the District

*Gathering signatures and support for making it possible for current residents who live in Wards 7 & 8 purchase homes over the next 1-2 years as a part of Manna’s East of the River Homeownership Campaign

*Support Affordable Dwelling Unit condo owners who purchased their units with HPAP funds to ensure they have flexibility to sell or rent their units if needed

*Join with the Housing for All campaign and CNHED’s efforts to work on any housing justice issues which arise across the housing continuum

Working and advocating for homeownership is essential for low-to-moderate income buyers in DC. Homeownership allows for people to build equity, invest in their neighborhood and gives them a tool to fight against generational poverty. Urban Turf recently reported $47,640 is needed to rent a single-bedroom apartment in DC. Meanwhile, residents can own their own home for much less than they can rent. As costs continue to increase, Manna’s housing advocacy team is focused on working with CNHED to ensure home ownership remains a possibility.

Some upcoming policy propositions take away low-to-moderate income person’s ability to purchase a home by increasing down payment requirements to 10%. This increase would deny credit worthy families from purchasing their own home. The Center for Responsible Lending wrote, “Mandated down payment levels would harm lower-wealth households, including a disproportionate number of African-American and Latino households…. With households of color accounting for an estimated 70% of household growth through 2023, down payment mandates could exclude a large portion of the market from accessing affordable mortgages”. (See article below to read more).

In order for the Housing Advocacy Team to continue to fight for home ownership and other affordable housing justice issues in DC, we need to grow our numbers! The only thing missing from the team’s most recent retreat was you! Please plan to join us for one of our monthly meetings or contact us for more information at dspaite@mannadc.org.

Click the blue link below to read more of the article referenced above: 2013 Big Lie Debunking CRL-Down-Payment-Mandates-Would-Harm-the-Economy-Credit-Worthy-Families-August-13-2013

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