No Refuge For The Homeless


Homelessness has steadily risen throughout the United States. While many of the District’s homeless population have found refuge on the streets, even this is becoming increasingly difficult. In many places being homeless is now a crime, possibly being arraigned or imprisoned for simple standing, sitting, or sleeping in the wrong areas.

While there are many laws specific to homelessness, many laws affecting the homeless population are often hidden or blended in with other laws. Park or public area curfews are often used to regulate the homeless population. In high-priced cities like the District of Columbia where affordable housing options are in high demand, there simply aren’t enough places for the homeless to go.

Recently, in March of 2014 a homeless man in New York died due to the criminalization of the homeless. A former war veteran, he was imprisoned for trespassing because he was unable to find shelter. He was sent to Rikers Island because he was unable to post the $2,500 bail set for him; he was place in a hot cell and ignored for days “basically baking him to death”.

Since 2011 there has been a great increase in the laws affecting the homeless, even prohibiting individuals from feeding the homeless. As homelessness continues to steadily rise in the District we must begin implementing creative solutions to solve this crisis. Would you be able to survive if there was no place to go and you could be jailed simply for asking for help? There are many better solutions than these and we should start looking at them.


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