Needed: Youth Voices


Youth Civic Engagement Project

The Need: Affordable Housing needs continue to grow in the District of Columbia, while the funds available for affordable housing dwindle. In 2011, 47,500 households in DC spent at least half of their income on housing in 2007. Lower income residents are being squeezed out by higher rental and home prices (currently, the median rent is $1500 for a 2-bedroom apartment) and there is lower public funding/downpayment loans for all types of affordable housing

Last year there were about $30 million dollars in cuts made to the budget by the Mayor. Because of the strong advocacy of Manna, Inc.’s Housing Advocacy Team, in partnership with the Housing for All campaign run through the Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development, the City Council chose to restore $25 million to the budget.

We need more youth voices!! You have powerful insight & experience to contribute to our HAT team!  

Who: Talented High-School Aged young folks (13-21) who are interested in advocating for affordable housing

What: Meet once a month with HAT, work to increase our knowledge of affordable housing, write public testimonies and have opportunities to give testimonies before City officials

When: Once a month in February, March & April with opportunity to give public testimony in mid-April & May

Where: Please plan to join in our next month’s meeting on Monday, March 11th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Dinner provided!!

Contact Person:  Diane Spaite-202-832-1845 ext. 252

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