Upcoming Top Priority Housing Advocacy Team Dates!

Date Event Location Priority
Wednesday,   March 13th-10:30 a.m. Resident   Advocacy Training at Bread for the City SE 1640   Good Hope Rd. SE(Every   Wednesday until April 10th) Optional
Tuesday,   March 26th-6:30 p.m.

DC Department of Housing Public 2014   Fiscal Year Forum

 Residents and stakeholders are strongly encouraged to come out and participate in the development of policies and   programs in the following areas:

1) affordable housing; 2)   special needs housing; 3) homelessness; 4) homeownership; and, 5)   community development and public service activities.


2000 14th Street NW 2nd Floor Community Room Optional
Thursday,   March 28th-6:30 p.m. DC Department of Housing Public Fiscal Year Forum (See above for further detail) Family Community Life Center- 605 Rhode Island Avenue NE Optional
Thursday,   March 28th Mayor Releases budget to the council
Thursday,   April 11th -6:00 p.m. Ward   2 Town Hall meeting Foundry   United Methodist Church: 1500 16th St. NW Optional
Wednesday, April 24th -10:00   a.m. Committee on Economic Development:   Department of Housing and Community Development (includes Housing Production   Trust Fund & HPAP)-Councilmember Bowser City Council building: 1350 Pennsylvania   Ave. NW Washington, DC 20004 Top Priority
Friday,   May 3rd -10:00 a.m. Committee   of the Whole: Budget Request Act hearing (you can testify on anything not   covered in hearings) City Council building: 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20004 Optional
Tuesday, May 21st(Tentative)  CNHED/Housing for All Advocacy Day City Council building! Top Priority
June   (TBA) Ward   1 Town Hall meeting TBA Optional
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