Continuum of Affordable Housing Options

The Continuum of Housing, supported by the Housing for All campaign of the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Development (CNHED), encompasses a full range of housing options, from supportive housing for the homeless to affordable homeownership and everything in-between (see the below diagram). As the market does not provide the type of housing needed at a cost that many can afford, the campaign brings together nonprofits and others along the Continuum to work together and with the DC City Government to ensure city housing policies and funding priorities that provide housing options for all DC residents.

It is important to note that the Continuum itself is dynamic, offering people support and stability as they live and work in the city and helping people to climb up the economic ladder and out of poverty. The Continuum enshrines the idea of nonprofits and others working together in a cohesive whole rather than competing for the same city funds. Such dynamism and cooperation is what is needed to create better neighborhoods and a more inclusive, yet prosperous city.

Manna, a member of CNHED, whole-heartedly supports the Continuum of Housing supported by the Housing for All campaign. And we need the support of DC residents and others! Join the campaign to receive updated information and participate in various events and actions.

A Continuum of Housing Story (video created by HAT):

A diagram from CNHED’s “An Affordable Continuum of Housing” report:

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